Restaurant La Plantation de Moorea
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A refined Chef for a refined restaurant! Come and enjoy the flavors of blackened Opah in a spicy crust served with a lemon sauce, or panned foie gras millefeuille with exotic fruits … 

Do not leave Moorea without tasting our favorite dish: our fresh Moorea shrimps flambeed with whisky

We also offer a variety of vegetarian options.

But your meal will not be complete without one of our delicious desserts. The most popular ones are the classic vanilla crème brûlée or the traditional chocolate mousse. You can also enjoy our Chef’s creations of local exotic fruit. Our favorite: thin curved almond biscuits served with fresh pineapple and mango fruits and a passion fruit sauce.


So exquisite and memorable !!!!

Enjoy your meal!!!!

French, english, italian and japanese menu are available.

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