Restaurant La Plantation de Moorea
Restaurant la plantation de moorea


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We are located in French Polynesia on the Moorea Island, facing Tahiti. You can access Moorea from Tahiti by ferry (50 minutes) or by plane (7minutes).

La Plantation Restaurant is located in the Haapiti district to the PK 26,800, mountain side, closer to the commercial centre called ``Le Petit Village``

This area is by far the nicest on the island. If has long white sandy beaches and faces three magnificent Motus.

If you are staying in Tahiti, we recommend a helicopter transfer from Tahiti directly to the restaurant La Plantation if you are coming for lunch.

AT A GLANCE: There is no main village, but a few tourist centers like Papetoai and Haapiti where the majority of hotels and guest houses share an enchanted backdrop. Moorea's population: approximately 14,000 equally divided in six small districts. Moorea is only 10 nautical miles (17 Km) from Tahiti, and benefits from a splendid 50 km2 lagoon completely surrounding the island. The two major bays of Cook and Opunohu, on the North coast, give a particularly fascinating charm. It’s beaches are amongst the most beautiful and best maintained in French Polynesia.